Fall Flu with SingleCare

Flu season is in full throttle, and we have to take care of our health! We all work hard and literally have no extra time for figuring out where to get flu shots for the entire family at an affordable price. Thanks for the advice from my co-worker who mentioned that there is a cool app @SingleCare that let’s you get best prices (below average).
Just download the app, type in your prescription medication (in my case Tamiflu), and you will see results of locations where to get it with prices. The price I got was lower then average market price on 30%.
What I like so much about SingleCare that it gives the opportunity for their consumers to compare costs for healthcare services and get care without worrying about networks, coverage limitations or deductibles. How awesome is that?
Even more, SingleCare is free to join!
Cool app to check out! Here is the link


How to return to regular exercise after a break?

How to return to regular exercise after a break?
It feels like I have been in all situations…
After having the second baby, I didn’t exercise at all and wondered how girls around me are so addicted to sports. I said to myself; I look good even without any exercises.  I run errands, clean up my house, take care of the baby, so that’s my exercises. However, I started to notice that some clothes are not looking good on me and made me unhappy.

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No. 7

No7 is a brand of anti-ageing creams , Skincare and Cosmetic products developed by Boots UK. This brand was launched in 1935 and it is very popular brand in Europe. I would say it is one of my favorite Skincare brand. As a 31 years old woman I have my mimic wrinkles is appearing on my face and I was very surprised to have it smoothed out and disappeared after using following 3 products from No7. Read More

Pink&White=Cutest Combination!

I have always been white jeans(bottoms) lover! I have jeans, shorts, skirts in white color.It is not a secret for anyone that white color is going to many colors! It goes with any shades of pink, blue, green, black,teal,yellow,orange,grey, beige,navy and  many more.

I think just any nice combination with white jeans  looks a bit special and definitely compliments your beauty; it is like wearing white jeans gives automatic holiday or resort outfit!

My favorite White jeans(bottoms) combinations are with pink(blush pink or bright pink), yellow, teal ,mint and camel colors and also with stripes.

On these pictures I wear my Abercrombie white super skinny jeans with bright pink sweater. This sweater was sold out super fast as all pink sweaters this season due the pink color is so on trend now but I have linked alternative choices for you bellow.

I think pink&white is  cutest combination. This outfit can be a very nice choice to wear on a first date. Because colors are definitely attractive and not aggresive and outfit is pretty simple. You will  look beautiful but not like you have carefully prepaired to this date (we don’t want to look like we are,right?).

I paired my outfit with Michael kors satchel in grey color. I added a pom pom key chain to accessorize my bag. On my feet I wore grey G by Guess booties. Grey color is pretty neutral and usually goes with all shades of pink, so I love to wear this outfit for going out for lunch with my family or for a short trip to Santa Barbara!

Where Do I Shop?

Hi my dear followers! I am talking about brands I like to shop, as well as review  their quality and sizing. With my busy mom’s life sometimes it is too hard going to store for buying clothing so I like shopping online.  This information will help persons like me to be more satisfy from online shopping. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask me  bellow.

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