For Brands

I love collaborating with brands and strive to achieve the best brand presentation.

Photo Content

I specialize on production of high-quality photography and really phocus on creative aproach in each collaboration. Post-Editing of photography is included.

Video Content

Video production is very complex process and requires a lot of dedication and creativity. I have strong creative vision and passion for creating video content.

Blog Post

Ordering a blog post from YaelFromLA means hiring the best copy writer that has strong expressive aproach for writing high-quality blog posts.

Or get all-in-one for $599


Read some examples of brands speaking about me.

Absolute sweetheart of an influencer with phenomenal content.

Samantha S.

Wonderful collaboration and very easy to work with.

Avygail Feuerman


Great to work with and great content! Great collab and great pics.

Rachel Donovan


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This is exactly the case when my contributions pay me back…

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