Online vs. In Store Shopping.

If you ask me which one do I prefer? Actually, I enjoy both but not necessarily enjoy the part where you spend money. I get super excited trying clothes on especially when they look amazing on me! Then suddenly I become impulsive and end up buying everything I want and start feeling guilty right after spending that much money on clothes I didn’t really need.
I’d go shopping on the weekends. And of course I have a 3 y/o who doesn’t enjoy shopping as much as I do. So between mommying, multi-tasking and shopping, I spend long hours and sometimes a whole day at the mall, very time consuming and exhausting!

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Our family adventure in Santa Monica Mountains.

We hiked Santa Monica mountains this weekend. It’s about 5 minutes drive from my house. When we visited this place for the first we took our dog because he really loves hiking! But it wasn’t such a great idea to bring him with us because the area had bobcats and leopards that can prey on him if they can sense him.
The next time around, we left our dog at home. We hiked the place around 4 or 5 in the evening, this was the recommended time to hike, and saw deers.They appeared tamed and not scared of people at all, they would just come up to you. It’s really a nice place to go hiking, camping or walking trails for outdoors/nature lovers like me.

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Currently In My Shopping Bag

What to Visit and Where to Stay in Miami

I have been in Miami three times, two times we were traveling with kids. Two times we were staying in the Palms hotel&spa. This property is oceanfront , just 2 minutes walk from the beach. The Palms has a nice outdoor pool in a magnificent tropical gardens. We truly enjoyed our stay at the Palms Hotel since our room was complimentary updated to oceanfront view room, which was a nice gesture. So our room had an amaing ocean view! It was clean, spacious and well decorated. The atmosphere of the hotel was quiet and gorgeous. This hotel has direct access to beach with chairs, umbrellas and bar service, always enough chairs at the pool and beach. Facilities were amazing. Location is also good.

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What to Wear for Miami Vacation in Summer

If you follow me on IG you probably know I usually visit Miami every summer. I love this city! Miami has a tropical climate. During summer temperature are in the mid 80 to low 90s, accompanied by high humidity. I realized after the very first time I visited this city that the most comfortable Miami’s clothing is swimsuit; lots of them!! So I left my sophisticated outfits at home, turned to the shorts, tanks and mini dresses! Read More