We hiked Santa Monica mountains this weekend. It’s about 5 minutes drive from my house. When we visited this place for the first we took our dog because he really loves hiking! But it wasn’t such a great idea to bring him with us because the area had bobcats and leopards that can prey on him if they can sense him.

The next time around, we left our dog at home. We hiked the place around 4 or 5 in the evening, this was the recommended time to hike, and saw deers.They appeared tamed and not scared of people at all, they would just come up to you. It’s really a nice place to go hiking, camping or walking trails for outdoors/nature lovers like me.

A Festive Outfit For The Holidays!

I love turtle neck sweaters! They look good on me and it makes me look taller. I paired this red sweater with a beautiful matching color plaid scarf. On the bottom, I wore this fit-flare skirt. Lastly, I used my favorite black suede knee high boots. This is very warm and comfortable and it can be worn mostly everywhere during the holidays. This outfit will look pretty on pictures with a Cristmas tree, Santa and holiday related themes.

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