If you ask me which one do I prefer? Actually, I enjoy both but not necessarily enjoy the part where you spend money. I get super excited trying clothes on especially when they look amazing on me! Then suddenly I become impulsive and end up buying everything I want and start feeling guilty right after spending that much money on clothes I didn’t really need.

I’d go shopping on the weekends. And of course I have a 3 y/o who doesn’t enjoy shopping as much as I do. So between mommying, multi-tasking and shopping, I spend long hours and sometimes a whole day at the mall, very time consuming and exhausting!

Online shopping on the other hand is easy, saves time and energy and convenient. It also keeps me from being tempted of buying item that I don’t really need. I receive my orders straight to my doorstep. The downside about online shopping is that you do the guessing game, assuming the color is right as pictured, the size is true or the quality is acceptable.
So I recommend to go to the store or mall and do window shopping. Try on things first to see it looks flattering and suits your style and then buy them later from online stores when you’re ready to spend the money.