Is it worth to order from Chinese online stores?

At first, I thought that it could be risky because I don’t know quality and fitting. However, now I think it worth the hassle.

First, all production and clothing in the USA are made in China or other countries. I don’t own any clothing item made locally. In most cases, you pay for convenience, faster shipping and able to try clothing in their stores.
However, keep in mind that you pay at least 5-times more than a similar item in Chinese online stores.
That’s why I believe it is worth to order from Shein and Romwe.
The quality of their material is the same.  But it varies from item to item and cost 5-10 times less than the other famous brands.
They are trend-conscious and have a lot of available products.
I found out that it is better to order more and you will get free shipping and 20-30% off of your purchase which cuts down your expense even more.
I ordered from Romwe just recently, and it was a bulk order from clothing and home items. I love everything except for one item.
So even if you end up not liking everything you ordered, I’m sure you will love most of them. You will be happy considering you paid 10-times less.
I tagged all items that I purchased from Chinese sites on the app. Please check it out and if you have any questions regarding the quality, I ‘ll be sure to answer all of your questions.
This post is not an advertisement, but my honest opinion.