How to return to regular exercise after a break?
It feels like I have been in all situations…
After having the second baby, I didn’t exercise at all and wondered how girls around me are so addicted to sports. I said to myself; I look good even without any exercises.  I run errands, clean up my house, take care of the baby, so that’s my exercises. However, I started to notice that some clothes are not looking good on me and made me unhappy.

One day I decided that I need to change everything, but I don’t know how to start. I decided to go to the 24-hour gym, and I liked it. My friend showed me a couple of basic exercises that I need to do. And I went regularly and was impressed on how it boosted my energy level. After that, I had the energy to go to the gym, even more, and went in the evening time too!
Two years passed and I stopped going to the gym and felt lazy just the thought of it.
So here’s how I revitalized exercise again:
1. Go and do it slowly.  The important thing is to get started!
Don’t judge yourself! Disciplining yourself is not easy.
2.  Try to eat as healthy as possible. (See my next article about my experience).
So I went to the gym recently, and I was slow, and it was hard for me to exercise as I did before. I was so upset to find out I have gotten weak.
But on the third day, my energy level went up dramatically, and I now exercise at the same speed as before. It’s better to put little effort in trying to be active than not exercise at all!